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The Barcelona North Bus Station offers passengers the best place to leave and arrive by coach, as it has:

  • All the services and facilities that a passenger could require: air conditioned waiting rooms, shops, cash dispensers, a Barcelona tourist information office, 24 hour security, etc. 
  • Affordable prices.
  • Links with other forms of transport.
  • Personalised travel information via the screens and by telephone. 
  • Large parking areas for coaches with easy access.  
  • Car parks.

Just download and fill out the form and send it to the email address comercialbcnnord(at) In the "Observations" section you can indicate any details which we need to know to be able to provide you with a good service, such as the name of the agency or company for which you are making the enquiry, whether the coaches will have a guide on board, whether they are taking anyone with reduced mobility with them, etc. When we receive your request, we will check availability and will send you confirmation by email with the relevant platform number.  It's that easy.

Conditions and operation of the service

  • The coaches are allowed 25 minutes at a platform to pick up and put down passengers.
  • For departures, the 25 minutes are calculated from before the official leaving time indicated for the coach.  For arrivals, the time is counted from the moment when the coach enters the bus station and takes up the platform assigned to it. 
  • Any time the coach occupies a platform in excess of that stated above will be considered to be parking and will be charged at the applicable rate. 
  • The time, destination or origin, together with the platform assigned for the services, will appear on the bus station's monitors and central information panel, which your clients can consult.  Our counter staff will also have these details and will pass them on to any client that requests them when the information service is open to the public (from 07.00 to 21.00 every day.)
  • On the day the coach arrives at or leaves from Barcelona North Bus Station the coach driver of the transport company providing the service must use the intercom situated at the entrance barrier to state the origin and destination of the vehicle and the name of the transport company. Our staff will tell the driver which platform has been assigned to the coach and will open the barrier to allow the coach through.


Picking up and putting down passengers (including VAT):

  • €26 for each arrival or departure.

Parking (including VAT):

  • Per hour: €12
  • Whole day: €96
  • 12 hours at night (from 21.00 to 09.00): €48

Method of payment:

1.- On the day of the service the driver should make the payment at the ticket machine on platform 51 and take the ticket. 

2.- Monthly invoicing for the services provided:
Payment must be made within 5 days in the same month in which the services were provided, by bank transfer to our bank account or by banker’s draft which will be debited from the account number provided.

You must send us the following details by email:

  • Name of the company.
  • Registered office.
  • Tax identification number.
  • Number of bank account from which to debit the funds.
  • Contact person in the Administration Department.