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The Building

The left wing of the old station building was renovated.  It had degenerated considerably due to the inadequate construction techniques used in 1861 when it was built, its use as a dock for loading and unloading goods from train goods wagons, and successive modifications. 

The renovation involved returning the building to its original state, though any additional elements that could be of interest were conserved.   The foundations, framework, roofs, etc. were all reinforced and brought up to the standard required by the regulations governing the building's new use, starting, logically, with removing architectural barriers to access by people with disabilities.  The roof of the ground floor is quite high.  This made it possible to build a mezzanine floor for auxiliary services and the transport companies' offices.

Pedestrians access the bus station via Calle de Alí Bei through two small buildings that connect with the upper floor of the station building, by means of elevated walkways above the platform area where coaches manoeuvre. These small buildings also contain staircases and lifts for people with reduced mobility to access the platforms and the car park.

The ticket offices for the sale of tickets are on the upper floor. Users reach them from Calle de Alí Bei via the walkways. There is also a central space with escalators, services, lifts for people with reduced mobility, etc.

The staircases in the central vestibule provide access to the ground floor, where there are waiting rooms, a face-to-face and telephone information area, permanent computerised panels and monitors providing arrivals and departures information, a shopping arcade with more than 20 shops, etc. The area has a public address system, CCTV and security staff.


The station has 47 platforms which enable the coaches to park at a 40º angle and are always to the right of the vehicle in the direction of travel.

The manoeuvring area is sufficiently wide for the rear wheels of the vehicle to describe an arc with a 10 m circumference, which all the coaches can do with ease.

Sufficient space has been allowed to enable the coaches to manoeuvre in and out of the parking facilities without interfering with the circulation of other vehicles in the bus station.
The passenger platforms are always more than 3 m wide, so that they can accommodate 20-25 passengers per coach.



Control Centre and Parking

All services are centralised in the control centre, which coordinates the arrivals and departures of vehicles to and from the coach station by computer. The security system for the whole building is also located here. There are anti-theft and anti-intrusion alarms, all CCTV is recorded and the interior of the bus station is supervised by means of monitors.  There is an underground car park with 485 parking spaces adjacent to the station with direct access to the platforms.