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Find out about all the journeys you can make from Barcelona North Bus Station.  Here you can check timetables, prices, bus companies, coach categories and stops that there are on any particular route, as well as obtain essential extra information before purchasing your tickets, as there are often additional price supplements.

You can make an enquiry or purchase tickets either directly via this website.

  • If you only require information, click on "Enquiry without dates".
  • To purchase tickets, you have to fill in all the fields: type of journey, number of seats and dates. If you click on "Purchase online" you will be taken to the web page where tickets are sold.

What type of ticket can I purchase?

  • A single journey: "From Barcelona to a location "or "From a location to Barcelona". Indicate only the date of departure.
  • An open return (I/V a): You only have to indicate the date of departure. When you decide when you wish to return, go to the ticket office for the relevant company to obtain your ticket. Return journeys must be made with the same company as used for the outward journey and on the same category of coach.
  • A fixed date return (I/V c): Indicate the departure date and the return date. Both journeys must be made with the same company and on the same category of coach.



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Places along the route and timetables for the route.See additional information.Right now the information about this route is being updated. Contact the company directly.Buy a ticket online.